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Q.2020년 대통령 후보로 누구를 지지하시나요?

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04-25-2020 10:41:06
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I have been assigned to a wage investigation in response to your recent claim for unemployment benefits involving the University.

Your former employer indicates that your wages were not reported for Connecticut Unemployment insurance purposes, because you are excluded from coverage pursuant to Section 31-222(a)(5)(G) of the Connecticut General Statutes. That statute indicates that:

(5) No provision of this chapter, except section 31-254, shall apply to any of the following types of service or employment, except when voluntarily assumed, as provided in section 31-223: . . . (G) Service performed in the employ of a school, college, or university if such service is performed (i) by a student who is enrolled and is regularly attending classes at such school, college or university, or (ii) by the spouse of such a student, if such spouse is advised at the time such spouse commences to perform such service, that (I) the employment of such spouse to perform such service is provided under a program to provide financial assistance to such student by such school, college or university, and (II) such employment will not be covered by any program of unemployment insurance."

Please be aware that the University has not voluntarily chosen to accept coverage for their student workers.

If you were not a student regularly attending classes at the University during the period when you were in their employ, please contact me by Wednesday, April 29th

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